Native Title Legal Services

Wilgie Mia Weld Ranges WA

The directors of Ethical Engagement Consultancy are experienced practitioners of native title law, having worked for both industry and Aboriginal groups in four jurisdictions of Australia.

As an Aboriginal owned and operated firm, we provide a unique service that represents the duel cultures involved in the management of cultural heritage and native title matters which helps to ensure ethical and effective collaboration between Aboriginal and industry partners.

Our Services

For Aboriginal Groups
  • Lodge Native Title claims including drafting of the Native Title Determination Application.
  • Conduct ethnographic research to establish the basis for Native Title claims and to support registration test applications.
  • Represent native title claimants in mediations with other Aboriginal groups or third parties  affected by a Native Title application.
  • Negotiate future act and Indigenous Land Use Agreements with other parties who want to access  land subject to Native Title interests.
  • Facilitate specialist economic, environmental, engineering and legal advice to support native title negotiations.
  • Organise ethnographic and archaeological heritage surveys.
  • Resolve disputes between Indigenous groups in relation to Native Title matters.

For Industry
  • Provide strategic advice in relation to management of all native title and cultural heritage management issues.
  • Negotiate future act and Indigenous Land Use Agreements with native title groups to secure access to native title land.
  • Negotiate cultural heritage agreements with Native Title claimants and Native Title holders.
  • Provide advice on compliance with cultural heritage legislation including scoping and conduct of cultural heritage surveys.
  • Preparation of cultural heritage management plans and facilitating cultural heritage approvals.