Indigenous Cultural Heritage

Weld Ranges Aboriginal Rock Art

The Indigenous cultures of Australia are the oldest living cultural history in the world going back at least 50,000 years.  We work throughout Australia with Indigenous groups, universities, government and industry to ensure the effective recognition, protection and conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage, significant areas and objects by providing Cultural Heritage consultancy services and delivering Cultural Awareness Training.

Cultural Heritage Services

  • Cultural heritage assessments via archaeological and anthropological surveys with traditional owners.
  • Development of cultural heritage management plans to ensure compliance with cultural heritage legislation during exploration and mining/development.
  • Cultural heritage risk assessment for project developments.
  • Stakeholder consultation with community groups, Native Title claimant groups, Government, industry and the wider community.
  • Research – archaeological, anthropological and historic.
  • Cultural heritage training and strategic advice to industry; development of in-house cultural heritage induction and training programs.

Cultural Awareness Training

We deliver immersive education experiences to companies and school groups interested in learning about pre-colonisation Aboriginal culture and the ongoing legacy of colonisation through:

  • On-Country Camps – groups can travel to an Indigenous station and experience traditional activities including spear making, ceremony, bush tucker and mia mia construction.
  • Workshops – a traditional elder and Aboriginal group will travel to a venue of your convenience to present an introduction to their culture and promote awareness of issues facing Aboriginal people in contemporary Australian society.
Protecting the Cultural Heritage of the Weld Ranges

In 2010, BBC News program HARDtalk interviewed Ethical Engagement Consultancy CEO Colin Hamlett about how the 2006 Weld Range Wajarri Yamatji Exploration Agreement had been working in practice.