About Us

Founded in 2010, Ethical Engagement Pty Ltd, trading as Ethical Engagement Consultancy (EEC) is a unique collaboration between two experienced practitioners of the dual legal cultures involved in managing Aboriginal cultural heritage and native title.

Colin Hamlett- Director and CEO

Colin Hamlett

Colin Hamlett is an initiated Wajarri man, language speaker, and the acknowledged traditional owner of the Weld Ranges and adjoining country in the Mid West region of Western Australia. A passionate and articulate voice for his country and his people, Colin has a long history working with industry and Government to promote the protection of important Aboriginal cultural sites, whilst facilitating responsible economic development that engages local Indigenous businesses and employees, and provides commercial benefit to the local Aboriginal and wider community.

Colin provides expert advice in the areas of cultural heritage approvals, Indigenous negotiations and facilitation of cultural awareness training.

“Many Aboriginal people are afraid to speak up and don’t fully understand the legal processes or the implications of decisions about use of their traditional lands. I use my experience with my own country to help Aboriginal people all around Australia to understand and stand up for their rights.”

Raina Savage – Legal Services Director

Raina Savage

With over ten years as a specialist lawyer in the area, Raina is one of the most experienced and innovative native title and cultural heritage practitioners in Australia. Raina has worked extensively with both Aboriginal and industry clients, providing strategic advice around management of cultural heritage and native title matters, so as to ensure ethical and effective collaboration between Aboriginal and industry partners.

Raina has been responsible for drafting and negotiating ground breaking exploration and mining agreements, which create real and ongoing engagement with and respect for traditional owners, providing a process for quarantining significant sites from future disturbance whilst providing certainty and support for economic development.

“Having worked in-house for both industry and a land council, I find working as an independent consultant gives more flexibility in our approach to negotiating agreements with positive outcomes for both sides.”